Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms


From regional to major metropolitan newspapers, to music videos and magazines, we are more than happy to accommodate any needs your publication might have.


Stuart McDonald on Medium is a blog written by our Head Program Designer about many various topics.

Other Resources

Violence Design Lab is a podcast and online resource to help train designers, choreographer, martial artists, and stage combat students to create better fights and violence for theatrical performance.

Social Media

For general information about the college and up to date information about our public events check out our Facebook page.
If you're more interested in seeing videos of us in action then head over to our YouTube channel.

Student Resources

Student Pack 2015
The 2015 student information pack, currently being revised, contains information on our Code of Conduct, Bio-Conditioning, Sword Anatomy, the foundations of the Glecan system, and various other things that you'll need to know in order to pass grading.