Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms

Prospective Students

So, you've seen us at an event, heard about us from a friend, or maybe you just googled Melbourne martial arts - and you want to join in the fun.
What's next?

First of all, contact us and let us know which training session you're planning to attend. This way we know to expect you and can arrange for one of our instructors or senior students to take you through the basics. Then it's just a matter of showing up to one of our Tuesday sessions.


What do I need to bring?

A bottle of water, yoga mat (optional as mats are provided). Training swords and other weapons are provided as part of the class, but are also available for purchase from our head instructor should you wish.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes, tracksuit or other loose pants (jeans & slacks are not recommended). Closed shoes, preferrably cross-trainers or running shoes.

When can I start bouting?

Depending on your experience, you can jump in when you feel comfortable. Ideally you will have the minimum protective gear, but there are many sets available so borrowing may be an option.

I already have a sword, can I use it at GLECA?

With so many different types of practise swords available it is difficult to give a definite answer, but you are welcome to bring it along to your first session and we will determine if it meets our safety standards. Generally speaking steel swords are not permitted for beginner students.

What protective gear do I need?

For your first few sessions you will not need any. When you start bouting regularly and/or competing in our tournaments it is advisable to acquire your own set. Our minimum requirement for bouting is a fencing mask and protective gloves though we strongly recommend arm, torso and groin protection as well. Links to suppliers of gear can be found on our current students page.